APS provides access to a full range of risk management and insurance products and services, including policy analysis, program design, strategic loss control planning, alternative risk financing, and claims management, all specially designed for a wide range of businesses.

Businesses have significant fixed costs, and implementing proper loss control measures and managing a property's total cost of risk are critical to maximizing cash flows. APS Risk Management provides consulting services that deliver the strategies, tools, and resources that will manage and identify common issues and concerns affecting your business on a daily basis. Our approach will create value and savings for you. Under the guidance of HVS Risk Management experts, you will build a solid loss control and safety program that can lower both employee and guest injury claims, as well as keep your operations OSHA compliant.

Whether you are an owner or manager, APS Risk Management will provide you with significant advantages. With our specialized expertise, you will be able to lower costs and increase your bottom line, thereby creating substantial value for your company. You will also have the tools and resources necessary to manage your risks, control costs, advance safety initiatives, and boost employee morale. The reality is that the initial amount of money spent for insurance is only one component of the total cost of your coverage.

Risk Management focuses on helping eliminate and/or reduce risk that goes beyond traditional solutions to help maximize cash flow and minimize fixed costs. By addressing all factors which drive cost, we create significant opportunities for meaningful savings over time.

We analyze all aspects of the operation to identify potential exposures and problems arising from areas such as:

  • Facilities and operations Processes, policies, and procedures
  • Business interruption
  • Contracts and documents
  • ClaimsLegislation/regulation
  • Environmental

Our experience and personal knowledge translate to more effective, cost-efficient solutions, products, and services for you and your company.