Ownership Support & Task Force Services:

Provide task force and interim management support during need periods at the:

Corporate Level: CEO, CFO, President to provide leadership during a tranistion or to restructure assets that our expanding or distressed.

Executive Level: General Manager, Controller, Sales & Marketing Director, Human Resources, Operational Management. APS can mentor and provide support to exisiting executive level team to get them to the next level.

Owner Liaison Services – asset management from property level to owner, legal team to owner, financial to owner, broker to owner, and asset development.

Provide Project/Structure - project oversight whether it is repositioning an outlet, renovations or major construction

Responsible Business Plan - being a responsible business leader is more than ethics and conflict of interest actions. Develop a plan that benefits your people, your
Community, and your environment while having some fun with your colleagues along the way. Fees are based on number of employees and/or locations

Crisis Management - for distressed or under perfoming assets



Accounting & Financial Planning Support:

Audit, Accounting, Assessments - accounting consulting offers information & strategies on how to position or improve a company's operations; including accounting management, reports, policies & procedures. Flow through analysis to improve margins and increase asset value. Technology assessment, evaluation & implementation. Financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, cashflow.

 Controller Task Force Services


Risk Management Support:

Workforce development - strategic human resource management is the proactive development & management of, policies, procedures & hr best practices.

Union negotiations large and small operations. Contract assessment.

Complete Safety, Security, & ADA Audits to insure compliance and develop comprehensive plan and training to minimize exposure and liability.



Market & Strategic Planning:

Market Analysis for respositioning of current assets

Market Analysis Potential new sites for development

Marketing & Sales Strategic Business Plan to optimize rvenue results

Feasibility Study

Yield Analysis  return on investment

 Task Force Services at Director level or Sales Manager   our season professionals have proven track records with all major brands to include: Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and independents.  They are proficient in group and business travel and will deliver the results you need during key need periods or for support during RFP season.


Reveune Management:

Revenue Optimization Assessment to evaluate market performance and advise segmentation strategize to maximize market penetration.  

Evaluate Current Systems and recommend technology that will streamline reporting process to corporate office and ownership. Lead project management for system installation.

Implement Revenue Management Tools to improve star ranking and performance

Market Segmentation Competitive Analysis and advise on remixing to maximize revenue. "what it assessment"

Audit Current Sales Systems and advise ownership of improvements that can be made to optimize sales force production. Aps can implement procedures and train the staff for better results.

 Training Revenue Management Teams to optimize potential revenue opportunities in a more responsive approach.

 Setup multi property revenue management systems and train team


Ownership Sustainabiltiy

Sustainability Consulting helps businesses to achieve greener operational practices; be a responsible business leader; and decrease the overall environmental footprint of its business operations.

  • Green Audits
  • Green Certifications
  • Green Business Grants
  • Federal, State & Municipal Grant Projects



Operational Assessment:

Broker Goods & Services for all your product needs to include contract evaluations. Management contract, franchise agreements, operational service agreements, legal documents, construction agreements etc.

Evaluate and Analyze Your Current Service Agreements and negotiate competitive rates that provide better service at a cost savings

Development - Operational Consulting to assist businesses to assess the current status of internal procedures, systems & strategies

Analyze Productivity, then implement strategies to Enhance operational efficiencies & maximize results

 Analyze multi property completing opportunities

APS Will Design Perfomance Incentive Programs For Operational & Sales Teams


Operational Incentive Programs Are Custom Designed To Achieve Results In 5 Key Areas:

  1. Financial Results
  2. Guest Satisfaction
  3. Brand Compliance
  4. Revenue Optimization
  5. Employee Satisfaction


Sales & Catering Incentive Programs Are Custom Designed To Achieve Results In 3 Key Areas:

  1. Revenue By Market Segment
  2. Focus On A.D.R. & Room Nights
  3. Catering & Meeting Room Revenue


Hospitality Sales Specialist With Proven Track Records In The Hospitality Industry Will Provide Training For Your Sales Team Members That Create Opportunities In All Revenue Streams That Support Property Level Teams When They Need It.